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Bigger Projects We've Done

Although we are a small printing company, we have done some larger projects.


GREW, (24"wx3"h)
The Lisa II, 44"wx9.75"h (boat numbers too)
Red Red Wine, 38"w"x7.5"h Feels sooo.... fine, 7"w x 1"h

For a name on the back of your boat max 38"w x 9.75"h (2 colour, layered) = $100.00 + taxes.

Race Car

My biggest project to date was a Sprint Race Car. I reproduced over 24 of the advertiser's logos.

Because I can only do one colour at a time, some decals had to be put on the car piece by piece.

Pricing can vary depending on the amount of advertisers, car number, names etc. (minimum $500 up front)


Picket fence in pet store window

Vinyl Canopies