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Vinyl Decal Application Instructions

Vinyl Decals can be used for many applications such as: windows, mirrors, boats, cars, great for patio doors as a visual point so nobody walks into the door. Our decals are made out of vinyl that has a 5 year outdoor durability (as per the manufacturer). They are designed on a computer and sent to a cutter.


THESE ARE NOT STICKERS! Once you apply these they are stuck.

To apply:

1. Clean and dry surface before applying decal. Use a glass cleaner or decal solution. Apply decal at room temperature.

2. Decal consists of 3 parts: 1. pre-mask (sticky tape which may be clear or translucent) 2. decal & 3. the backing.

3. Lift edges of pre-mask (if folded over onto backing). Center decal onto surface and tack with one end of lifted edge of pre-mask and/or a few small pieces of masking tape (usually tacking at top of decal).

4. Remove backing from pre-mask SLOWLY (make sure decal is still attached to pre-mask) and don’t let it touch the surface.

5. DECAL WILL NOT COME OFF ONCE STUCK ON……SO GO SLOW! Slowly apply decal starting from where you have tacked it, rubbing as you go with squeegee.

6. Once you are done applying slowly remove pre-mask. If decal lifts off rub pre-mask until it is stuck.

7. If there are tiny bubbles poke a hole with a sharp needle and rub to move air out.

Decals won't apply in cold temperatures!

To remove:

Use a hairdryer for best results.